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The web is an everchanging landscape.  Your users, and more importantly your potential customers, access the internet and your website in a variety of new ways.  The world is becoming more dependent on mobile technology everyday. Smartphones, tablets & other mobile devices connecting the world to the web are quickly becoming a mainstay for a good majority of the population.

Who currently uses the web via mobile devices?

According to CNN, 89 million people in the U.S. have used mobile internet in the past year. That is close to one third of the total current U.S. population!  Current trends and Google Analytics data on sites that we operate indicate that roughly 10-12% of all web traffic and web search traffic comes from mobile devices.  

According to a recent article from, mobile search traffic has doubled between May 2011 and May 2012.  With facts like these, do you know if your website is being properly displayed on mobile devices like iPhones & Tablets? Is it functioning properly on these mobile devices?

Mobile Web Design

Our mobile web design techniques take advantage of the forefront of the web.  Our mobile web designers take the time to ensure that your mobile site functions properly accross all devices.  We have the ability to use our proven mobile web designs to drive leads from devices that may currently be resulting in high bounce rates.  

Quick Google Analytics Check:  Go to Audience -> Click Mobile.  Compare your bounce rates for Mobile = Yes to Mobile = No.  If you notice a significant difference between bounce rate performance for mobile website users vs non-mobile, it may be time to address your mobile requirements.  

Mobile Web Design Returns

Having launched mobile websites for multiple sites in multiple industries, you can count on the talented staff at Results Only to provide a solution with a measurable return.  Our clients typically receive a 100% return on investment after 15 days.  If your website sees better than average traffic, you may see a return sooner.  In one instance, the mobile website provided a return the very same day it went live.

Is it time to get started?  Contact Results Only for a Free Site Evaluation and let us know you'd like to talk mobile!



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