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Social Media is an ever growing, ever evolving network of users on the internet, connecting and communicating through the most popular online social outlets in the world today. Currently Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google + are the leading social media giants on the web today. Establishing a solid presence on these networks not only keeps you in touch with your current customers, but it also presents huge opportunities to gain more customers!

Update everyone about a new product or service your company has, start a promotional campaign or contest for your followers or just simply keep in touch! The possibilities are endless, and the advantage of it all is open B2B & B2C communication. You can't go wrong!


Social Media Strategy


Social Media can be daunting and sometimes difficult to handle all by yourself. Because of this most companies have scattered social media presence and minimal social face.  Assessing your current social media strategy is a way for us to determine what needs you have and what needs you may have already filled. Then we can go into building a strategy to maximize your brand and help you get a return from your social media labors.

Strategy Building

Once you've assessed your current social media presence and strategy we can then start to build a new strategy for tackling the social jungle and bring you results.

Strategizing starts with deciding the media outlets we're going to work with ie. facebook, twitter, youtube, etc. Why not jump into them all at once? That is a good question. Well in order to effectively market with social media you must be present and act consistently. If we were to build a strategy to include them all we would be working around the clock to keep up with them all; but instead we will work with a few exclusively that we will be able manage.

Then we'll bring over the SEO research, target marketing, and other statistics crucial to a great social marketing strategy that we've uncovered int he assessment stage and start piecing together the blocks that will build your social media castle.



Implementing your social media strategy is exactly what it sounds like. We provide a detailed plan on how the phases of your strategy should and will be implemented.  We know the best ways to break out the implementation into an affordable process.  We focus on the most important components first and respect your budget by taking end to end ownership.  If you have staff on hand that can assist in the social media strategy, we will train them to work with us and further reduce your social media management costs.


After we press GO on your social media strategy, we ensure that the latest greatest methods are in place to monitor what your customers and friends are saying about your brand.  Without proper management, social media strategies can do more damage than they do good.  Unless your business is prepared to properly monitor social media, we advise against "putting up a quick facebook page."


We train you and your staff to effectively participate in the social effort.  We have programs that we have established for other companies like yours to utilize the talent within your organization to succeed in the new socially connected marketplace.  If you would like to know good ways to farm new ideas and new offers or promotions for your new online friends, that's where we can really help!  


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