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E-Commerce Development

An e-commerce site can be an extension of your window front store or the main front of your business. Either way this is a key tool in maximizing your total revenue and results. 

Effective E-Commerce

An e-commerce store must be not only be a beautiful representation of your brand and business but also be a well oiled functional selling machine.

At Results Only we stress the results. Using the right tools is very crucial to help you see a greater return from your e-commerce solution. We offer only the best cart solutions and we implement them with a list of other services that will maximize exposure for your products.


E-Commerce Management

Every e-commerce platform that we have installed and configured requires maintenance, catalog updates, price updates, and ongoing search optimization techniques to reach success.  If you have an in-house team that handles your e-commerce, we are prepared to teach each and every user how to best utilize the platform to achieve optimal results.  

A lot of businesses however do not have the right team in place.  We can work with you to hire, train, and deploy an effective management team or supply the help for you.  Our services include the option to have the expert staff at Results Only manage the day to day operations of your site.  We market your e-commerce website daily, follow up on orders, close lost sales, and provide strategies for growing the number of users your store interacts with.  If you would like to know more about how our staffing strategies can help your small business grow into the profitable niche of e-commerce, contact us today.  We will walk you through how it may be more cost effective to leave your store to the professionals.  This way, you can focus on sourcing new product and fulfilling orders (the stuff you're really good at!).  


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